trade office registration

How to Register a Business

trade office registration

Mastering Entrepreneurship: Unveiling the Secrets of "How to Register a Business"

Registration in the commercial register (Handelsregister) is only required by the autonomous branch office. The application, which a German notary electronically files, must include detailed information about the foreign head office company and the branch office. This includes, for example, documentation verifying the existence of the foreign company and the power of representation for persons acting on its behalf. Please note that the documentation required can differ, subject to the foreign company's legal form and country of origin. It is also advisable to consult a German notary at an early stage. A dependent branch office only requires registration with the trade office.

Trade Office Registration

Before starting their business operations, all business operators must inform the competent local trade office (Gewerbe-/Ordnungsamt). This applies to all companies, regardless of company form (excluding freelance professionals). Accordingly, the autonomous and dependent branches must register in the trade office before starting business operations. Generally, the same procedure applies to the GmbH, as with registering a GmbH, trade office registration of a branch office requires at least one local representative in Germany. A business license or permit is optional for the majority of cases. However, it may be required for some business sectors.

However, it may be required for some business sectors.

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