restructuring of the energy supply sector

Implementation of a regional hydrogen strategy signifies a proactive approach towards the 'restructuring of the energy supply sector'

  • Prominent corporations in this field include Enercity and E.ON, serving as significant players in the energy supply sector. Additionally, there are firms specializing in the advancement and integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as A-Tron in combined heat and power (CHP) manufacturing, energiewerkstatt, Kraftwerk, Windwärts Energie, and GeoNet-Umweltconsulting.
  • 4,300 employees in around 70 companies
  • Research and educational institutions: 20 institutes and university facilities related to the energy industry, including in the area of wind energy to the energy industry, including in the area of wind energy
  • Networks: Leibniz Research Centre Energy 2050, ForWind (Wind Energy Research Network), Hannover Region Climate Protection Agency, or the Geozentrum Hannover Climate Protection Agency or the Geozentrum Hannover
  • The world's pioneering wind energy facility constructed primarily from wood, along with the inaugural biogas plant in northern Germany designed to inject biogas into the natural gas grid.
  • Implementation of a regional hydrogen strategy, including the establishment of hydrogen production in the region
  • Leading trade fairs: BioEnergy Decentral and Energy and Wind as part of Hannover Messe

The regional energy sector has strengths in research and development, indicating a potential for the restructuring of the energy supply sector to leverage innovation and enhance overall sustainability. Central players are, for example, the Research Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pumps GmbH, the District Heating Research Institute in Hannover e. V., or the Institute for Building Research e. V. as well as several faculties at the universities.

The regional research infrastructure thus offers perfect conditions for activating growth potential in the future fields of the energy industry.

The energy supplier E.ON and the Stadtwerke Hannover AG (enercity) are among the most important regional players in the leading sector of the energy industry. In addition, various regional companies are involved in developing and realizing new technologies and supply solutions.

The exchange between science and industry is promoted in the Hannover Region through the activities of the Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH and the Competence Centre for Energy Efficiency.


What is the restructuring process in power system ?

The restructuring process in a power system involves reorganizing its operations, often involving unbundling of services, privatization, market reforms, and "restructuring of the energy supply sector" to introduce competition and enhance efficiency.

What is electricity sector restructuring also popularly known as ?

Electricity sector restructuring, also commonly known as "power sector reform," encompasses the "restructuring of the energy supply sector" to introduce competition and improve efficiency.

What are energy sector reforms ?

Energy sector reforms involve implementing changes and policies to enhance the efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability of the energy industry, often through measures such as deregulation, privatization, promotion of renewable energy sources, and "restructuring of the energy supply sector.

Why do we need restructured power system ?

A restructured power system, including the "restructuring of the energy supply sector" , is necessary to enhance efficiency, promote competition, improve reliability, attract investment, and facilitate innovation in the electricity sector.

What are the components of restructured power system ?

The components of a restructured power system, including the "restructuring of the energy supply sector," typically include generation, transmission, distribution, market mechanisms, regulatory frameworks, and consumer participation

What is the main objective of deregulated power system ?

The main objective of a deregulated power system is to introduce competition, enhance efficiency, lower costs, and provide consumers with more choices in electricity supply.

Which is energy sector ?

The energy sector encompasses industries involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of energy resources such as electricity, oil, natural gas, and renewable sources like solar and wind power.

What is the energy strategy for the future ?

The energy strategy for the future involves transitioning towards sustainable and renewable sources, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting innovation, and reducing carbon emissions to address climate change and ensure long-term energy security.

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