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industrial automation and robotics

Hannover is one of the leading locations for production technologies in Germany, with a strong emphasis on "industrial automation and robotics"

The digitalization of production technologies was first presented to the world in Hannover under the name "Industry 4.0".

In Hannover's production technology sector, the pulse of innovation beats rhythmically, guiding the evolution of manufacturing toward unprecedented heights of efficiency, quality, and environmental consciousness. It is a realm where heritage meets advancement, craftsmanship and technology interlace, and the spirit of invention continues to propel the world forward.

  • 13,000 employees in 440 companies
  • Strong university and non-university research and education:
    • Production Technology Centre Hannover (PZH),
    • Information Technology at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    • Cooperation with TEWISS, the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover (IPH), the Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), the Mechatronik Zentrum Hannover (MZH), and the German Institute for Rubber Technology (DIK)
  • Robot Factory and Robotics Incubator of Leibniz Universität Hannover,
  • Robot Factory and Robotics Incubator of Leibniz Universität Hannover,
  • Robotisation Academy is a training and event center for robotics and automation technology
  • Headquarters of the Competence Centre for SMEs 4.0 of the Federal Government for Lower Saxony and Bremen "Mit uns Digital" (With us Digital)
  • Network: production technology Hannover informed (PHI), competence network optical technologies
  • The development of a Hannover Garbsen innovation and research campus offers further potential in the future, especially for technology-oriented companies
  • In particular, production technology in the Hannover Region is characterized by a high level of research and development expertise. The Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) in Garbsen is an essential crystallization core for the sector.
  • Production technology in the Hannover Region is characterised in particular by a high level of research and development expertise. The Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) in Garbsen is an important crystallisation core for the sector.
  • Numerous mechanical engineering institutes of the University of Hannover are already concentrated here, and further corresponding institutes from the fields of energy and process technology as well as design and development, will follow. Also located under the roof of the PZH is TEWISS (Technik und Wissen GmbH), as a mediator between science and industry, as well as several spin-offs and start-ups from the field of production technology. .
  • Many regional production industry companies are characterized by high competitiveness and innovative strength due to their involvement in research and development cooperations.
  • Hannover is also the location of the essential industrial trade fair HANNOVER MESSE. During the trade-appropriate program, the central trends of the production industry are addressed. In recent years, HANNOVER MESSE has significantly contributed to intensifying the discussion of innovative developments in the field of Industry 4.0. Hannover's production technology sector is a symphony of expertise and ingenuity, where traditional techniques dance harmoniously with state-of-the-art methodologies. It serves as a crucible for refining manufacturing processes, leveraging the prowess of automation, robotics, and digitalization to orchestrate seamless workflows and elevate product quality.
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What is the technology of automation and robotics?

Automation in robotics is the use of artificial intelligence and robotic technology to automate or replace manual labor processes. Automation in robotics can take many forms, from simple systems that control a single robot arm to highly sophisticated software-driven solutions for managing hundreds of robots.

What is the automation technology used in the manufacturing industry for?

Using machines, robots, or automated processes for certain tasks means they are completed at greater speed and with more precision than can be done by humans. This reduces manufacturing and production time, while also allowing the labor force to complete more complex tasks. Increased quality.

What is industrial robotics and automation?

Industrial automation and robotics are the use of computers, control systems and information technology to handle industrial processes and machinery, replacing manual labour and improving efficiency, speed, quality and performance.

What is the use of robotics in industrial automation?

Robotics & industrial automation refers to the use of control systems, computers and information technology in handling various processes and machinery in an industry. The ultimate aim is to replace manual labor and increase efficiency, speed, and overall performance.

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