skilled crafts

Skilled Trades

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Craft trades in the Hannover economic region

  • 71,600 employees subject to social insurance contributions (13.9% of total employment) in 11,900 companies, annual turnover almost € 6 billion.
  • Main branches:
    • Construction and finishing trades ( 3,150 businesses)
    • Health / personal care / cleaning ( 3,400 businesses)
    • Metal trades ( 2,660 companies)
    • Concordia Insurance Group
    • about 5,000 trainees in the skilled crafts sector
  • Research and service institutions: Heinz Piest Institute (HPI) for Craft Technology
  • Training and further education: Promotion and Education Centre of the Hanover Chamber of Skilled Crafts.

In contrast to the other lead sectors, the skilled crafts sector is not a thematically self-contained sector, but is made up of a large number of different activities with different target groups, from the building trade to the health trade.

The thematic focus is on construction and finishing, health, personal care, cleaning and metal.

Source: own calculations CIMA IfR / Hannover Region, Hannover Chamber of Skilled Crafts (base year 2019).

skilled crafts
skilled crafts

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